Resourcefulness – linking to aspects of your life.

In your connector work you are looking at improving your local area.

Can you tell everybody reading your blog how you would like to improve where you live to make your life better?

Stanley the bear and chip the bunny by Honor

Stanley and Chip were best friends they had separate imaginations but thought the same kind .They’re writing were the same sort and drawing but they were always different. One day Chip came over to play with Stanley, so they played snap and it happens Chip says Stanley cheated. So they had a argument so Stanley’s mum came upstairs “What one earth was all that noise about!?”She exlaimed. “Sorry mum Chip accused me of cheating” replied Stanley.

“Why don’t you talk to each other then” She said “BECAUSE I DON’T LIKE HER!”


Tyrannosaurus Drip Blurb by Leila Morgan

”There are two dinosaurs that find an unusual egg”


Mummy dinosaur is horrified an furious because she found out that drip eats plants instead of meat.Drip finds a lovely campsite that has all of his family in the river and they are all delighted to see him. Some of them including drip think they can not swim.It is suitable for kids under 2 years.There is a lot of learning for little toddlers also it’s amusing for kids and it captures your imagination.

Sports Day by Charlotte

” Come on its sports day”

Elictrifing boy but a lazy lady. On one of the events there was a cheeting cheeter. The amusest thing is from a silly teacher. In running there is a secret weapen to get 3rd or 2nd or maybe 1st but something could might go teribly wrong.

” If you want to find out what happens READ ON” !